Monday 2 August 2010

The right distance

I don't like to blog too much or too precisely about work, as I spend enough time there that I want the blog to be a way to forget about it a bit. However, I made a trivial observation about my current commuting that I wanted to share here because I blogged about it before. So here it is: my job is at the perfect distance from my home. By that I mean that I don't have to do a very long commute by train (just the time to read a few novel's pages), but I am just far away enough to be away from work when I am at home. I don't bump into colleagues (or ex colleagues) during evenings weekends and when I get home I am tired but not overly exhausted. And when I am exhausted, it is because of work, not because of commuting. I can wake up at a decent time in the morning and when I go to bed I don't have insomnia because I am stressed about the commuting. Oh, and I don't have that feeling that I live in the shadow of my working place. We might not stay in this town for that much longer and my commuting time might change accordingly, but until that day comes, I can enjoy the current situation.


Leigh Russell said...

Sounds parfait, Guillaume. Is that chance or brilliant organisation by you?

Guillaume said...

It was pure chance and a very welcome turn of luck, as in the last few years I have either worked too far or too close from home. I am far from organised or brilliant.