Saturday 14 August 2010

That "Back to school" feeling again

I went quickly to WH Smith today, a retailer I often dislike. Like last year at about the same time of the year, the cashier gave me a 20% discount for any school products. At least it was not as early as July this year. Still, I find it too early in August. The voucher is valid from the 16th to the 209th of August. Enough to remind me that school holidays are passing by.

I am glad I am not a student or working in a school anymore, because the feeling would be worst, but it is still there. I hated the "back to school" feeling I had as a child back in August, seeing the advertisement on display in every shop. The holidays were always too short. I am not on holiday yet and I still have the "back to school" feeling.


suzanne said...

I know the feeling you refer to. My birthday is in late August. As a child it was bittersweet because I knew once it arrived, it would soon be time for school again. :/

Guillaume said...

August melancholia was in full force today, even though it was warm and sunny.