Wednesday 11 August 2010

The thrill of the first pages

I finished reading The Talented Mr Ripley today, on the train to work. I might be spouting clichés here, but there we go anyway: I always have difficulties finishing a book, whether it is a fun read or a boring read. The boring ones I cannot bring myself to read them quick enough, the ones I love I finish them with regret. Highsmith's novel was an enjoyable read, even though I still think I preferred the movie.

But that means that on the way back, I could read another book. I decided to read Trois Carrés Rouges sur Fond Noir by Tonino Benacquista. (Sorry for the French links, but I cannot find info on him or his novels in english right now). Benacquista has always been a great read, making quality crime fiction with loveable human characters, a fair deal of violence but just enough of literary quality to make the book a smart read. I only read the first few pages, but it already appears like it is quality stuff.

I will spout another cliché: I love the first few pages of a good book. I don't think anything can beat the thrill of the first few pages, when you know you made the right choice and that the plot will be great. Nothing might have happened yet, but the stage is set. That is partially why I come back to Benacquista, Pelecanos and of course Burgess: they all make great start.


suzanne said...

I haven't read this book, but I saw the movie. Usually, I end up preferring whichever I experience first, book or film.

Guillaume said...

It is a mix for me, I often discover a book after watching movie and I prefer the original novel. With The Talented Mr Ripley, it was different.