Saturday 28 August 2010

The last blast of summer?

Well, who would have thought about it? After a few gloomy days, it was hot and sunny today. I read outside and it was lovely. It looks like summer giving one last blast before autumn. But when evening came, the temperature dropped down. You can see that autumn is at the door.

Today, I officially and fittingly finished my summer reads (mainly crime fiction) and I will start my "autumn read" tonight (mainly scary stories), first by reading Shining City by Conor McPherson, which has been haunting me since I saw it. Usually, I have books on my summer read well into September. Now the new reading season will start in late August. In that aspect, summer is already a bit over for me. But during daytime it will last a bit longer, going away with a fiery blast.


suzanne said...

We've had an unusually hot summer. But I'm finally beginning to detect a hint of autumn in the morning air. :)

Guillaume said...

There is something similar here, you can feel in the evening that autumn is coming: temperature cools down and with the dead leaves that are already showing up, it looks like the beginning of autumn.