Friday 27 August 2010

Rain in the attic room

Well, not in the attic room exactly, but it feels/felt like it is/was right here. It has been raining on and off since this morning, most of the time heavily, we even had a bit of thunder. As I blogged before, an room close to the roof gets you closer to the elements. You can feel the weather more from the attic room where we sleep or the one where I write. It must be a brilliant place to find inspiration for atmospheric stories. I wonder if M.R. James wrote from an attic room (and yes, I am shamelessly plugging a previous post). It is always a pleasurable experience for me to witness a storm or heavy rains from an attic room. You can feel its strength and stay dry.

A quick word about the pictures: they will have to wait until I get back, as I did not bring anything to upload them on this computer. I took a few since I arrived here, but not many and I am not sure there are any good ones, so it might not be a big loss.

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