Friday 6 August 2010

Maybe a strange question...

...but certainly a great unknown line. Now is as good a moment to tell the anecdote, as I feel inspired about nothing else. So we were about to go to Brittany last Christmas and we stopped at the local pet shop to get something for Sky. I asked the staff:

"Excuse me, but do you have any triceratops?"

I was thinking about finding a relative of Toppy, which we had bought in Springtime earlier this year, since Sky got quite fond of Toppy (see the dramatic video of Sky unwrapping her then new friend here). And Toppy is adorable, so nice that you could give it to a child and it would be like giving a normal teddy bear. That said, seeing the quizzled expression of the staff girl, I could tell that she did not have triceratops. In a pet shop, and no triceratops! In the end, we settled for a reindeer.

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