Wednesday 18 August 2010

Portrait of the artist as a speechwriter

Re-reading old posts, I discovered that tacitly promised here to blog about the writing process of the speech I gave to the wedding of my brother and my now sister-in-law. I will not follow this promise per se, as I am not sure I want my modest readership would like to read about it and it has been a year and well, my memory of the creative process leading to its conception is vague at best.

Talking about the creative process, this one made me suffer. I mentioned last year that it was "agonising" and that I swept "water and blood". All this drama for a few minutes long performance that was not even recorded. I remember well enough the anxiety of finding the right words and the funniest anecdote. It is easy enough to talk about oneself, I am a natural at that, but about other people it is trickier. I wonder how real writers do. It ended up really well, I think partially because I know how to perform on a stage. Still, I left the finished speech on a computer in Montreal and I wish I had send it to myself in an email. As an artist, I am a vain one, even for minor works.

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