Monday 30 August 2010

A different Monday

It is Monday today. While many people in England, France and Québec are about to get back to school, I am still on holidays. I will not have the Monday feeling today. And it is not merely because I am on holidays: I don't work in schools again. I have blogged about this before this month, I find it strange that my working life will not be lead by the school calendar. It is something new to me: I will be back to work, not back to school. It has a different ring to it.

But until then, I am on holidays. I will read outside and enjoy my time here. In a way, these holidays are a sort of exorcism for me, getting rid of my previous working life and adopting a new kind of calendar.

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The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

Hey...a no Monday blues Monday is a good day in my book. Enjoy the rest of your holidays! :o)