Sunday 1 August 2010

Fighting boredom

Sunday being Sunday, and first day of August being well, August, I could easily get bored today. Enjoying free time is not always such an easy thing. I get too tired and demotivated to spend time doing something tedious (house chores, more house chores), yet I don't want to be inactive. I have been doing okay so far, having a list of things entertaining enough, yet being not too demanding for the lazy person I am at weekends to be considered farniente activities. So I decided to:

-Watch an episode of The Wire. (Still to be done. I am on season five right now, almost sad that there will be no new episode to watch after that.)
-Read the novel I am currently reading. Bookworms have no excuse to be bored, unless they run out of reading material on their bookshelves.
-Have a drink at the café in the corner with my wife. Not our favourite place, but an interesting place nevertheless and it makes a nice change.
-Discussing/planning the next fun move/activity/relatively near future with wife. In a way that is often more entertaining than anything else.


Mozart's Girl said...

Just how it is, Guillaume! You have a knack of taking ordinary life & making it interesting...a happy week to you, my friend xo Rachel

Foolish Notions Vintage said...

Thank you for your kind compliments on my painting and for visiting my blog! I look forward to your posts, as I am a huge book worm myself, who hates sundays. I started with a mocha frape and forced myself to relax and read. I tend to work too much.
Have a great week, and thank you!

Guillaume said...

@Rachel-Thanks. I guess I am a man of simple pleasures.
@Witch Hollow Primitive-Thank you for stopping by, it is always a pleasure to have new readers/commenters. I will visit your blog too. I don't hate Sundays, not all the time anyway, but sometimes they just make me feel melancholic.