Sunday 8 August 2010

Past on paper

Today, my wife and went through lots of things that were clustering the flat, including and especially a lot of old papers. Sometimes it brings back fond memories, this time it was sadly a little more painful. Because among the papers found were the lists of properties that were available for rent when I first moved here, some forms to fill for the estate agencies and a map of the area on which I had written notes about where to find what.

I spent a few afternoons here before I started working, trying without success to find a place for us. Then when I started working my wife and I spent almost a month in B&Bs. I promised her and myself that we will never go through that again. This is partially why I am reluctant to move. It is just nice to have a place that we can call home, at least for a little while more. We have been moving way too often in the not so distant past, those papers we gladly got rid of were a memory of that. Now they have been shredded. Good riddance.


Foolish Notions Vintage said...

old memories, good and bad are still time spent together. Try to look at those times as the worst but where you both stuck together through it with each other.

shredding the paper will be good :)almost like you can have some control over putting it away for good.

Guillaume said...

Thanks. And you are right of course.