Thursday 15 May 2014

Black Forest Cakes

I will start this post with an anecdote and a great unknown line, from a German colleague. We often have chocolates and cakes at work, and two days ago it was the case, it was someone's birthday or something. I was offered some cakes and chocolates, anyway, and I said: "No thanks, I am a bit saturated with sugar." She said: "Oh but there is no such thing as being saturated with sugar!" She has a sweet tooth, I think. So do I, and I rarely truly feel saturated with sugar. I don't know why this anecdote came to my mind when I started thinking about the topic of this post.

So gradually and in the last year or so, I have started obsessing about Black Forest cakes. The way I sometimes get into the mood for some food, except that it is a permanent feeling of craving the darn dessert. I am not sure if it is because of the dark chocolate with cream or the cherries. I love chocolate, so that is always a plus in a dessert. I am not particularly into fresh cherries, shame on me, but I love them cooked in pies or in a chocolate fondue. Chocolate and cream is a great mix, chocolate and cherries too, so the three put together is simply dessert dynamite. I don't remember having any Back Forest cake as a child, I think my mother thought it was far too unhealthy, even by desserts' standards. We had all sorts, but not this one. But I loved the name. Black Forest cake. I imagined the Black Forest in question to be all dark and eerie, full of ghosts and monsters and witches (that sort). Apparently, it has nothing to do with the Black Forest. Still, the name sounds so mysterious. I guess there is nothing truly scary about it but it's caloric content.

So anyway, since last September or so, I have started trying various Black Forest cakes from various places. The picture above is a home-made one, which I had at the birthday one of of my wife's childhood friends, baked by a coworker of his wife. It was absolutely delicious, but sadly I was too full from the meal to fully appreciate it. Nevertheless, I know of a few bakeries around that make nice ones, so nothing is lost, I know where to go if I want to enjoy a good Black Forest cake. I will however enjoy them sparingly. They are decadent. I think Black Forest cake is a dessert best enjoy when temperatures start cooling down. But more on this another day.


Nellie said...

I could definitely get into some serious trouble with Black Forest Cake around!:-)

Cynthia said...

Je tuerais pour un morceau de forêt noir, ça fait une éternité que j'en ai pas mangé du bon!

Guillaume said...

@Nellie-I can't resist them. Not easily anyway.
@Cyntha-C'est difficile d'en trouver du bon, je trouve. Ici, j'ai trouvé ma source.