Thursday 8 May 2014


I have sometimes geeky moments... This post is about one of them, which might bring me embarrassment. Because I am a James Bond fan and a Sandbaggers fan, and a Queen & Country fan, I have developed an interest about real life SIS, more commonly known as MI6. And I sometimes visit the organization's official website. Is that embarrassing? I find it fascinating, especially how unglamorous it presents itself. I blogged about MI6 before, I was thinking about writing more about it. I actually love the way the promotional videos picture SIS as this very open governmental organization, picturing its spies as competent civil servants, with fancy animation that gives it a modern, borderline funky side. There is even a page about C, with a short biography and a welcoming message from him. And we are talking about British secret services here. John Sawers does look and sound like a somewhat mild mannered civil servant. All these little details, the sober and undramatic tone, I find it surreal and oh so very interesting. As an immigrant, I browsed many governmental websites, mainly the Home Office's. But I never had fun browsing them. The website SIS, on the other hand, I just find so darn cool.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Our Canadian equivalent, CSIS, was marketing branded/crested clothing and accessories to its employees until it figured out that no one should wear them for security reasons. Only in Canada, eh?

Guillaume said...

Ouch that was dumb. Worse than C's pictures being on Facebook because his daughter uploaded them.