Tuesday 27 May 2014

Longing for a fireplace

Today is cold and wet. Yesterday was cold and wet. Wet like an English day, cold like May should never be. I already blogged about the weather this evening. I blogged about it yesterday. I promise tomorrow, I will find another topic. But it does not feel or look like May, anyway. I should be in short sleeves, I wear long sleeves and I miss sorely my old green jumper. And more than my green jumper, I miss a fireplace, any fireplace. We have two in parents' home, I wish I could be there right now, lit a fire and warm my bones by the fire. I took this picture in The Three Tuns in Henley, I thought it was worth the fanciest ornaments one could ever have. A bunch of logs, simply. I love the pub for many reasons, this is one of them. My dad had a whole bunch of  logs like these ones, enough to warm up en enlighten many cold nights. Or days. I love the warmth, but also the colours of the fire and the smell of smoke. I find fireplaces soothing and comforting.


Mantan Calaveras said...

Sounds like May (and for that matter June) here in Eugene.

Sounds like you could use a good bonfire.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i'll trade weather with you? it is so hot and humid here i feel like i am melting!

Guillaume said...

@Mantan-Now it is warm, but it will get cold again.
@For a few days I wouldn't mind. But only a few days.