Wednesday 7 May 2014

Farewell to the train station at the DIY shop

I took this picture of this model train station last Saturday, at my favourite DIY shop (and maybe my favourite shop in this town). I went there briefly to buy a light bulb and stopped to take a few snapshots of their model trains and train station. I mentioned to the shop owner, an elderly British gentleman, how much I loved it. Then he told me that it was soon going to be taken off to leave room for goods they can sell. They sell model trains, wagons and other miniature accessories, but obviously, people come to the shop to buy paint, light bulbs, gardening tools, screwdrivers, a lot of things, but not model trains and accessories. So the model train station sadly has to go. This is such a shame, as it gave character to the whole shop and, as it was an accurate depiction of the old station, it had a use if one wanted to know about a key aspect of local history. The history of this town, like many others in England, is closely related to the history of its railway. This could be in the local museum, if there was any room for it. I am borderline devastated by this imminent loss. Apart from its educational value, I am sad because I an at heart an immature boy who never completely grew up and who always loved model trains. Not nearly as nice as the one we have in our family, but still a loss.


Nellie said...

Thank you for your visits and comments for my blog! We are hoping the blueberries will be better this year than last. We had a very rainy summer last year, and now we are three inches behind average rainfall.

The cake is not complicated at all, and it has a really good chocolate flavor.

I've friends who love model trains and have train rooms for their hobby. It must be something that today's generation doesn't find to be interesting.

Guillaume said...

Thank you for commenting on mine! I cannot wait to see pictures of the blueberries. I might actually try the cake.

I always thought the fascination for trains was timeless, at least for men.