Sunday 18 May 2014

The cat in the pub

Yesterday we went for a few drinks with a friend at the local pub near the train station, the first pub I went to when I came to this town. More about it here and here, if you are curious. You can pictures of it scattered around my blog. I got kind of bored of it, it is a nice looking pub but the choice of beers and guest ales is not great except during the odd beer festival, so I don't go there as often, except in autumn when the pub and surroundings is absolutely beautiful, or when there is a real ales festival. But yesterday afternoon/evening, I discovered another regular which will make me want to come more often. I am of course referring to this cat, with the lovely golden brown fur. He came on the deck above the garden and even entered the pub. He was not always eager to receive cuddles from me, but he did enjoy at least some of them and spent a good bit of time rubbing against me. I think he was still shy. Moments like this remind me of Odin, who I miss sorely. But it is nice to bond, even so slightly, with a local cat. A cat in a pub gives it more character.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Next time you go, take a few cat treats with you! That'll win him over!

Guillaume said...

Good idea, although not sure how the pub staff and owners will take it.