Monday 26 May 2014

Springwatch is on tonight

A quick post to remind every people living in the UK that the new season of Springwatch is on tonight on BBC2, at eight o'clock. As May is about to end, I find it late in spring to have a show featuring seasonal changes to British wildlife, but at least it is still on and I intend to watch it eagerly. I have uploaded here a picture I took at the Natural History Museum. It is of a stuffed barn owl, one of the many stars of the show. I love owls, as my long-time readers know, so it is one of my favourite of the stars of Springwatch and I hope we see plenty of them this season.


Nellie said...

Oops! I sense a bit of difficulty typing in that text in the box below. I see no text!:-)

This sounds like an excellent show. We do have about three to four more weeks before the official first day of spring.

Mantan Calaveras said...

That seems so very English.

Guillaume said...

@nellie-It is an amazing show.
@Mantan-In a way yes, although now British TV is mostly brainless trash.