Friday 2 May 2014

Meetings in a nutshell

I know it is the weekend and nobody wants to think about work, but I thought we could end the working week with a bit of humour. I saw this on the desk of one of my colleagues today. I found it hilarious and decided to take a picture of it, but then found a copy on Google so this is the one I took. This is what meetings are, in a nutshell. I know they are sometimes a necessary evil and my current employer does not abuse of them. But I remember some other jobs I had, especially the old job I had at this evil company which made me move where I am now, then threw me out at the first occasion. Then and there, we had numerous and endless meetings where everybody was clueless, but acted as if we were all doing something very productive. Even in my old school job, the one when I felt like a pariah, they were organizing meetings for teaching assistants far more than necessary. So this image and its caustic humor made me laugh anyway.


Gwen Buchanan said...

Very Funny!!! Thanks..

Guillaume said...

My pleasure. Funny because it's true.