Sunday 11 May 2014

A new exhibition on Fabian Perez

Sometimes I receive bits of news that get me excited. Like recently, I received a mailer from a local art gallery about an upcoming exhibition of Fabian Perez's new paintings. The very same gallery that made me discover his work two years ago. The gallery has sadly moved from my town, but they relocated in a nearby town, so I can still visit them. I love his paintings for many reasons, the main one being that they often look like scenes taken from a crime fiction story, old pulp magazines with a Latin twist. Pulp magazines, but not cheap ones, images that would have abandoned naïve imagery for lush and unapologizing glamour, even when he paints a man offering to light a woman's cigaret at a bar. I have decided to upload this painting to accompany my post. Sadly I have no idea of its title. I hope to take some pictures of my own when I visit the gallery.

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