Wednesday 21 May 2014

When the journey is worth the trip

I am back from Paris since yesterday night. I went there for business. I already blogged about it a few minutes ago. I took the Eurostar. A detail you might know about me: I like neither London nor Paris. Some places in these cities I love, but they are not my village. But as you might also know about me, I love train travels and never get tired of them. And, while I sometimes dreaded my short stay in Paris, I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the train on my way to London and then on the Eurostar. Even on the way back when it was getting late and I was tired. I managed to read a lot more than I do during a normal day and the journey was comfortable, far more comfortable than with most other means of transportation anyway (maybe not the boat, but I did not use the boat enough to give a good comparison). And the distance is relatively short between London and Paris. It gives you enough time to read plenty, but not too long as to get bored. I guess what matters really is to have a good book or two. On the way back, I stopped in the canteen wagon for a few minutes and looked at the window. Not the most beautiful scenery, but through from a train in motion going at high speed it has a certain charm. I thought that this was, this is, the way to travel.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

i have always loved traveling by train!

Nellie said...

Train travel has always had an appeal for me! Probably that's due to my mother's stories about her own train travel as my grandfather was an employee of the railroad. I was able to use the train for transportation from my hometown to my college ages ago. It is sad that there are no passenger trains through our area these days.