Friday 9 May 2014

Griffon, my poison

As it is Friday, I carry on with the tradition of plugging either a meal in a pub or a restaurant or a pub/restaurant or sometimes something else... This time it is something else: my poison of choice. Or, to be precise, my poison of choice when I am in Québec. I drink beer, as my readership knows. I prefer it to any sort of alcohol. This IS my favorite beer, this is my poison: the Griffon rousse, or the Griffon Red Ale as it is called in English, from McAuslan. It may not be the best beer I ever drank, but it is my favorite everyday beer. It tastes like a red, it is very easy to drink, but it has malty flavour. This picture I took at Le Cornichon in Montreal, on the Plateau. This is what I mostly drink when I go home. My poison of choice.

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