Monday 7 September 2015

Hedgehogs and tea

I took this picture from the Facebook page of David's Tea. But that must be okay, because I am giving them free publicity and that I will be such a sucker when the time comes and I'm in Montreal: I will buy a lot of their products, and not only their teas. The accessories such as this one too. It is the hedhehog colour changing mug from their autumn collection (they call it fall collection, but I call it autumn). So it's colour changing. And it has a hedgehog on it, sitting on top of a bunch of pine cones. Question: can you get any cuter? I thought I might buy it only for the family flat in Montreal or for the house of my parents, as a mug I use on the occasions when I go there. We have plenty of mugs here, so we don't really need a new one. But my wife said we could still find room for this one. It is just so cute. And so perfectly autumnal. So there you have it. I really am a sucker.


Rustic Pumpkin said...

I'm not surprised your wife says you can make room for one more mug if it is that cutie! I've looked at the site at some length and wish it was here in the UK.

Cynthia said...

En passant, sur l'avenue Mont-Royal il y a maintenant un David's Tea!