Sunday 27 September 2015

David's Tea in Chicoutimi

I took this picture of the autumn collection s(I refuse to call it Fall) of David's Tea in their shop on the Avenue Mont-Royal, but it is about the one in... Chicoutimi, I want to talk about. Because I have learned something really cool from the older sister of my godson (who is by any practical means a niece to me): there is actually a shop in Chicoutimi. My quasi-niece says that she discovers she really loves tea, as she tries the free samples every time she goes there with her mother. I found it very sweet and I am glad she is discovering tea. She is a young teenager (she turned 14 less than a month ago), so I was surprised she could find tea drinking cool and trendy. And I am glad there is a market for tea drinkers here in my home town.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

There's David's Tea stores right across Canada. I think every mall in Edmonton has one.

Anonymous said...

thats is a beautiful display and its great she has found tea so young!