Saturday 5 September 2015

Time for autumn walks

This painting is from local (I think she is local anyway, but to which extend I have no idea) artist Susan Thetford.Iit is called Chiltern Beechwoods. I took the picture at a local art exhibition, back in May. Like many of the autumnal paintings that were on display, I really loved it and thought I would use it when the time comes, to accompany a blog post. And now is the time. Since the beginning of September (and even before), it looks and feels like autumn. Autumn is not merely on its way, it has arrived. Sure, the colours are not as bright as on the picture... yet. But they are certainly showing up.

It has been a near perfect September month so far. So this is time to take autumnal walks, preferably in woods. We have plenty of pieces of woodlands around here and beech trees are common in this part of England. They are simply gorgeous in autumn. So it is time to wrap myself in warm clothes (I really missed those too) and find a beech wood nearby to walk in.

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Anonymous said...

that painting looks like a lovely place to walk!!
its beautiful,