Monday 28 September 2015

Blood Moon

This is about the best shot I could take of tonight's Supermoon. But I'd rather call it blood moon, even if here it does not look red at all and even if it has sinister undertones. It is far cooler to be a blood moon than a blue moon. And the moon did have a beautiful crimson bloody colour tonight. For the record, I did not change into a werewolf... yet. Last time I claimed I did, it backfired. But a blood moon would be an ideal to turn into one, or at least see one. Especially since Halloween is coming. Anyway, here is my contribution to tonight's rare lunar phenomenon. This lousy picture.


Cynthia said...

De ce côté ci de l'Atlantique, on ne pouvait l'observer que vers 4:00 AM, donc je ne l'ai pas vue :(

Nellie said...

We had cloud cover here, and the moon was quite obscured.:-( Oh, well! I have plans to live 18 more years until the next one, anyway.:-)