Wednesday 16 September 2015

Train Hard, Fight Harder

Well, who would have thought?My readership knows that I was about to do grading last Sunday for Krav Maga. I grew very stressed about it. And in the end, all the bruises, scratches, sweats, tears and blood were worth it in the end: I actually passed grading. I must confess, I was not expecting it, I was not even hoping for it. I never considered myself a natural fighter and a natural athlete, so one of the leitmotifs of Krav Maga, "do what is natural", was difficult, is still difficult to grip for me. So I didn't feel ready or confident at all. And I know that I don't train for a badge or a grade, but for the eventuality of real combat situation. I train to be safe. That said, it's still nice to pass an exam, however low your score may be, and it's always good for the ego to have a badge. The knowledge, the skills, the reflexes, I still have a lot to learn. But this is encouraging for the things to come. And it's a nice badge. "Train Hard, Fight Harder" is the motto of the club. I thought it would be a fitting title for this post.

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