Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Chronicle of an autumn in Montreal

I took this picture today in the Plateau Mont-Royal. It is too hot these days here, with temperature almost summery. But it should be cooler tomorrow. I say it is too hot, far too hot indeed, so I cannot gloat like I often do about Montreal autumns that are oh so autumnal. That said, it is most definitely autumn: just look at the leafs covering the pavement. It is not the case everywhere, in fact there are many bits of roads where the trees boarding them are very green, but then there are these narrow streets where autumn is very present. The season in Montreal, if I am honest, is often a bit schizophrenic, especially in September. That said, September is about to end and then the temperature should soon feel like it looks. Sadly I will then be gone.


Nellie said...

We have no real color on the leaves here where we are, though there are some leaves that have fallen from the trees. It seems a bit odd to me. I hope you have enjoyed your Montreal visit, regardless of the temperatures. I feel sure that those good autumn temperatures will be with us here very soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying your time home, with the weather nice you really get to enjoy it more,, that is a lovely photos,