Saturday 12 September 2015

Training in the park in the evening

Yesterday evening, I had an impromptu training session of Krav Maga with fellow wannabe warriors in one of the local parks. It is the most important park of the town, some of us had decided during the day that we should do a bit of extra training for the upcoming exam tomorrow, so we agreed to gather as night was falling on the cricket lawn there. It is the biggest park of this town, it is also maybe the most beautiful, especially when night is falling. So we were six people there, practicing on the lawn what we will be asked to perform and discussing our strengths and weaknesses and it was simply, excuse the cliché, magical. We talked and smiled and joked. I also committed another great unknown line: "Next time we practice outside like this let's try to find ourselves a bunch of angry drunken teenagers to apply our knowledge to real life situations". That made them smile. I really enjoyed this time and, for some reason, I have felt part of a group more than at any other moment in the last few months . So it was a lovely moment that needs to be repeated.

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