Saturday 19 March 2016

Snoopy's wisdom

It is the Spring equinox tomorrow, although for me it is Spring since the beginning of March. A season I have ambivalent feelings about (as a child I loved Spring, now I am not so sure). All the same, Spring is officially coming. Which means the temperature is rather... temperamental. As explained in the comics strip above by the anthropomorphic dog Snoopy, created (of course) by Charles M. Schulz. I was looking for a way to commemorate the upcoming season, this popped up on my news feed on Facebook and I thought it would be perfect. Nothing beats Snoopy's wisdom.


Rustic Pumpkin said...

Looking back on four year's worth of Facebook Memories today one theme was constant ~ that Spring simply hadn't arrived and how cold/wet/windy and even snowy it was. Snoopy's got it sussed!

Guillaume said...

Spring is a nasty season. People tend to forget it because it is nature waking up and so on, but nature is like a grumpy bear when it wakes up.