Sunday 20 March 2016

Blofeld: I was right all along

I haven't blogged about James Bond for a while and wanted to post something since I saw the last movie. Before reading forward, for those who have not seen Spectre yet: spoiler alert! This post is revealing a big plot twist. Okay, so now let's get on. So for a while, I had been hoping for Ernst Stavro Blofeld to return. I had my ideas about who would play him and started suspecting him from the moment he was rumoured to be cast as a villain. Well, turned out I was right all along. I am not singing my own praise here, as it was pretty much a Jekyll and Hyde twist. Still, I was right. And, while Blofeld did not turned up as close to the novels as I wanted him to, I am still quite happy about how things turned out. And the revelation, however expected, was chilling. You can see it (and hopefully enjoy it) below. My wife did not understand why I was so happy about this revelation. But it was like a long, long dream coming true. So here it is:


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes and now we know how Blofeld got his scar! So next movie, there will be a new Bond but I suspect that Blofeld might be back, sooner or later anyway. Do you have a fave for the new Bond? I'm advocating for Idris Elba, myself.

Guillaume said...

Actually, I'd like Daniel Craig to make one last one, if possible, depending how he'll look and how in shape he will be for the next Bond... And when it is released. I certainly do NOT want Idris Elba to become Bond. He is already too old to succeed to Daniel Craig, for one. He also behaved like an attention seeking prima donna when some completely unfounded rumour said he was going to be the next Bond... for the movie that was going to become Spectre! Idris Elba sang his own praise way too much and completely lacked respect for the man in the role (and still in the role), so Elba lost my respect since then. He was both arrogant and unprofessional.

People here mention Aidan Turner a lot since he played in And Then There Were None. There was something Bondian about his role then, but I am not completely convinced yet. At least he'd have the right age for Bond 25, if they decide it's time for a new Bond actor.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Daniel Craig is definitely done as Bond, it has been confirmed. You may be right that Idris Elba is perhaps a bit too long in the tooth for the role. They'll want someone young enough to get a few outings from him.