Monday 21 March 2016

"Time stands still when you're not having fun."

At the moment, I am reading Cobra by Deon Meyer, South Africa's most famous crime writer. Sadly, I am about to finish it (I don't think it will last a week, which means I will have to depart from the universe and characters he has created. I grew very attached to them. Especially professional pickpocket Tyrone Kleinbooi, whom I blogged about last month. I know becoming the victim of a pickpocket is one of the most distressing thing that can happen to you, but Meyer managed to make Tyrone a sympathetic character. He has, in his own twisted way, a certain kind of wisdom. I shared a bit of it in my first post about him. Now, I read another piece of his deep thoughts: "Time stands still when you're not having fun." I can relate to that. Now I hope my new favourite antihero will survive Cobra to give us in future novels more pieces of wisdom.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

My favourite pickpocket is, and has always been, the Artful Dodger.