Thursday 31 March 2016

Russian bird whistle

I have a Russian colleague at work and he recently came back from a holiday in his homeland (I've heard that Russians often call it the motherland). He is a nice guy and quite generous: back from his trip he gave me this bird whistle. That is one cool souvenir. It is a unique one too: the colours and the designs are different for each whistle. I am not the only one who received it, so I know. It has a high pitch sound, not exactly melodic, but not unpleasant. It makes for both an original decoration and, if you are bored and have nothing to do, an interesting toy. Seriously, I must have been blowing the whistle a thousand times since I had it. And it's Russian therefore exotic. I don't know if it has been hand made somewhere in a small Russian village or if it comes off from a factory in China, but it looks Russian and crafted. Anyway, I absolutely love my new bird whistle.


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What an amazing momento from your friend! Very colorful!