Monday, 16 March 2015

The Rainy Day ringing sound

Warning: this post is beyond trivial. I am on holiday, it is a rainy day, and it is grey and gloomy outside. But hey, it could be worse: at least I'm not at work. And I learned to enjoy rainy days. On my mobile phone, it is even the name of the ringtone I use: Rainy Day. I chose it because I found it quite atmospheric, as far as ringtones go. It sounds a bit like a background score from a spy thriller, when the hero is walking around in the rain and there is no clear and present danger, just a vague unsettling feeling of evil lurking somewhere. It sounds pleasantly ominous. At first anyway, then it muddles up into something that just sound like a ringtone. I still like to listen to it just for fun when I'm bored. Am I pathetic?

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