Sunday, 1 March 2015

Happy Saint David's Day

Well, I did not have today's Google Doodle this to remember that it is Saint David's Day, the national day of Wales. All the same, the Google Doodle to commemorate the day is as usual beautiful, with the blurry red dragon seen through the window of a church, with daffodils around it, so I have decided to upload it here. I have been to Wales a number of times already, but not since a few years and it has been long overdue. Anyway, to all the Welsh people and Wales lovers out there, Happy Saint David's Day.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

That is a lovely Google doodle indeed.

Deb ShireGardener said...

I love this Google Doodle ~ happy Saint David's Day {for yesterday}
Are you, perchance, on Twitter? @NethertonNews {Netherton Foundry} are looking for a French speaking blogger to work in exchange for pans! Interested?
~~~Deb in Wales

Guillaume said...

@The two Debs-Thank you for commenting.
@Deb-I am on Twitter, although I don't go there much. Thanks for the advice, I made myself available to them, I am all for new pans.