Monday 9 March 2015

The Monday before Friday the 13th

As you may have noticed, the 13th of the month will be on a Friday, this Friday. I noticed anyway. The second Friday the 13th in a row. There will be three this year. I am not superstitious, so that's ok. But on Monday, I always have a certain feeling of gloom and doom. In my team at work, a lot of people are on holidays, so I am working harder. I will most likely be very busy until the end of the week. This may be an extreme example of a rough week to come, nevertheless every week leading to a Friday the 13th, I find Monday the 9th far more menacing and gloomy. If something should go wrong, I would find it far more fitting and expected that it falls on Monday the 9th. And I thought about it today.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

true that! are people on spring break vacations?

Anonymous said...

I noticed the very same thing today,