Monday, 1 August 2016

Because it is Lammas Day...

"And as the daylight's fading
When Lammas has come in
And gleamers go to work among the stubble
There comes an autumn sickle
To cut the summer's throat
Before the season knows it is in trouble"

Martin Newell, Black Shuck

 It is the third time in a row I quote the exact same passage of Newell's epic poem (see the one from 2014 and 2015), because today is the first day of August, Lammas Day, first day of harvest. It is still summertime, but autumn is getting closer and closer and is already looming with the harvest. August is in many a gateway between the two seasons. Tonight I will reread the poem. I will also gradually change my reading list for more autumnal stuff" I am thinking of course of scary stories, which I read for my countdown to Halloween, which has started earlier in recent years. The beginning of August may seem very early indeed to start it, but  find Lammas Day to be a suitable time to start it. I am an autumnal man, you will I hope forgive my impatience and my state of mind. And as you know there is something else autumn will bring this year, all the more reason to be eager for the season to arrive.

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