Saturday, 20 August 2016

Poached Eggs From The Forest

I had this a few weeks ago, in a local café that is truly a restaurant. It is something that you can have at breakfast or lunch, so it is a brunch. I ordered it out of curiosity, because of its rather intriguing name: Poached Eggs From The Forest. Eggs? From the forest? I wondered how they could be from the forest (they are plain chicken eggs after all), but hey, I love poached eggs and it seemed original enough. Apart from eggs (poached and apparently from the forest), it has spinach, mushrooms, feta and other stuff on a poppy and rye sourdough. I guess what makes it woodland like are the colours, the brown of the bread and mushrooms mixing with the green of the spinach. Oh and it also has black truffle oil. I am generally not a fan of mushrooms, but this time and to my great surprise, I loved the dish, including the mushrooms. And strangely enough, it tasted like eggs from the forest should taste.


PJ said...

Ça ressemble à un bon déjeuner en effet.

Rustic Pumpkin said...

I love poached eggs too and often do them in a cup with other things added into the cup before cooking, such as tiny cubes of Cheddar which become melting nuggets of deliciousness. I think your Forest Eggs look very good.