Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Of socks and gremlins

Do you have the same problem I face after doing a laundry basket? After you have everything washed and dried, you find out that you have socks, but some are no longer pairs of socks: some socks lost their brother in the laundry. Laundry after laundry, and you end up with lots and lots of socks... but fewer and fewer pairs. Well, I was relieved to know that I was not alone, as one of my friends complained about the same thing on Facebook. He also gave a very plausible explanations for these disappearances: gremlins. Or, as he explains it: "Washing machine gremlins must exist, I've never seen one but they are living among us. What other explanation can there be for all of the pillow cases ending up at the bottom of one duvet cover, or socks going into a wash cycle, never to return?" Makes sense doesn't it? And I suspect there are many houses with gremlins infestations. Kind of scary and reassuring at the same time. Now I know where all the lost socks go: they are snatched.


PJ said...

Père a supposément le même problème. Par contre, pas de gremlins chez moi.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

just wait until you have kids!