Saturday 27 August 2016

Wolfie Booklet

Well, as they had promised, the Ticklers wrote a book of rules/guidance for our baby. They slipped it through the mailbox yesterday. They describe it like this in the back page: "This is a book for Caroline and Guillaume telling you all you need to know about ceeping Wolfie happy." I thought I would share it with you, with images from the very book:

Nom 1: Do not I repeat do not send him to XXXX school. (NB: The one where they went to and where my wife used to work.)

Nom 2: VERY Important: If I see Wolfie in crusty sockes I will scream and pull them off!

Nom 3: Do not ever never ever ever ever sware in front of Wolfie. (Guillaume)

Nom 4: Realy seariesly realy realy do not do crav magar or teach Wolfie crav magar coz it is very dangarouse.

Nom 5: Do not drink any achol until Wolfie has moved out! Encagenly when he's out.

Nom 6 (!) So NOT LEVE sharp stuff lying around.

Nom 7: Most important thing ever we are very very very excited to meet Wolfie.
Adorably beautiful Wolfie

 Oddly enough, our little wolf looks a bit like a gingerbread man on this picture. But I cannot praise enough this booklet, even though I am meant to keep sober until I am near 60 and need to stop Krav Maga. You can tell it is a labour of love.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

And no swearing either, Guillaume -- don't forget that! And keep that baby out of crusty socks!

This is just too cute for words -- both the text and the illustrations!