Friday, 5 August 2016

Daddy's read

I briefly blogged before about The Expectant Dad's Handbook. My wife bought it to me as a birthday present. There were many other books about helping new fathers and fathers to be on their journey, but she chose that one. The book is written by the founder of DaddyNatal. Which website I have not visited until tonight, before I started typing this, ironically. The book is now my bedside table book and my daddy-to-be catechism. We have other books of course, but this is the one that gives a father's perspective, so it helps me tremendously. And Dean Beaumont knows how to sell it. Here is how he describes the beginning of DaddyNatal: "We started off with the first few classes being held in fantastic pubs, who loaned me rooms for free, and we would get a few guys turning up." He sure knows how to get my attention. Anyway, I feel much calmer since I have read it and far less stressed about the weeks and months to come, and about my new role as a father.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Modern Dads have come so far, it's great! I'm old enough to remember when no guy would even push a baby carriage because it would cause him to be seen as unmanly.