Friday 19 August 2016

My bookworm's life in one image

This is one of the many Internet memes that I stumbled on on Facebook. Of all the statement a meme can make, I often think the ones that try to be deep and clever are most likely stupid clichés, or at least banal statements. It is those that don't try to be clever, that just try to be funny (and succeed to be) which end up revealing something about human nature. Some human nature anyway. This one explains why more than a month after we moved in, the place is still not as tidy as it should be. But hey, it's amazing how many great books I have and so much fun rediscovering them.

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Rustic Pumpkin said...

When I moved every couple years, there was always a new book or piece of fabric {my other love} to rediscover!
one of my favourite memes is
"Look, I can fit all of my books/craft materials into one box! ~ I must stop calling my house a box"