Wednesday, 10 August 2016

First sign of autumn?

Maybe it is wishful thinking from my part, but I think we have started seeing, or more precisely feeling, the first sign of autumn to come. It is so far very discreet, yet he temperature gets cooler. This is especially true when evening comes, although it is not exclusive to evenings: sunny days quickly becomes overcast and there is a recurrent breeze that gives you a slight shiver. Often in the afternoon, I am surprised to feel how cool it is. I am very sensitive to the signs of autumn as it is the season I love the most. I know I may be wrong, but I do have a good instinct for seasonal changes. And the breeze is a constant. There is no distinct change of colours in the trees like last year... yet. But there is the cool breeze and the temperature dropping. I think the season might come early like it did last year.

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Rustic Pumpkin said...

Like you, I wait with baited breath. There are two times of year ~ Autumn and Waiting for Autumn. I've already had that first, early morning thrill when the air is just that little bit different as the sun rises slightly lower each new day. I have found the bramble leaves already starting to turn to red and hope to be harvesting the first blackberries very soon.