Sunday, 7 August 2016

Hungry for a Sunday roast

It is maybe too hot today to long for a Sunday Roast, but all the same, I am really in the mood for one. Last time I ate one was a a few months ago, from what I remember it was overcast and not so warm outside. A roast is best enjoyed when it is dreary and miserable outside. Just like it was when I had the one you see on this picture. It was in the Golden Fleece Inn of York. Which I blogged about before, as it is allegedly haunted. My wife and I ate there because I thought it was fitting to eat a Sunday roast with Yorkshire pudding when in Yorkshire. And because of the ghosts, who never showed up, even after a few drinks. All the same, this was the most enjoyable roast beef I had in ages. It was pouring outside and we were in a very dark pub, devouring very hearty food (the veggie version for her) and it was very heart warming. Soon, when the baby comes, we will have to eat in far more often, so at weekends I try to take her out as much as possible. So we might go out to see if we can find something that good tonight, even though it is not the ideal time of year. But hey, it's Sunday, so that is a good enough reason.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Mmmm, I love a good roast beef with Yorkshire pudding and GRAVY -- it's got to have that rich brown gravy.

Guillaume said...

Oh yes there was plenty of gravy in that one!