Wednesday, 10 August 2016

The cats are back at David's Tea

I took this picture on the Facebook page of David's Tea. Remember the mugs and accessories they had with cat images? I was tempted to buy some during my last time in Montreal... and I did before I left. Well, they have new ones, as you can see on the picture. New mugs with cats, who this time are far more active, jumping and all (playing cats, apparently), and red (hibiscus) cat infusers.  All this to accompany their new blends of energizing teas. Because, you know, it will soon be time to get back to school and all and that means you need energizing beverage that tastes nice (read: not coffee) and to cheer yourself up with some nice accessories to go with them. Oh and they also have new travel mugs with cats! How I wished we had David's Tea when I was an undergraduate student in Montreal! Now I have plenty of mugs and other stuff from them, so there is no need to buy more. Although we do have plenty of room in the cupboards...

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