Sunday, 14 August 2016

Domino outside

Well, it was bound to happen and in a way I am glad it did happen. I told you before that since Domino got hit by a car, we did not allow him to go out, fearful that it would happen again or that he may get in the way of other dangers. Since we moved into our new home,he tried a few time to sneak out of the house. He got successful a few times, but I usually took him back in immediately. A week ago, when my wife and I were enjoying the sun and reading in the front garden, we could not resist his emotional blackmail, as he was meowing painfully every time we were near the door. We were feeling very guilty, so we left him out, under strict supervision. He remained outside almost an hour, mostly exploring our front garden and our neighbours', smelling every plant and sometimes just sitting in the shade. Everything went well for our feline friend, except for one thing. Our neighbours' back cat Amy, who is chubbier than Domino and has set up the gardens as her own territory (as she can go outside as she please) , did not appreciate his presence there. She came at him hissing and screeching furiously. Domino remained under the bush, sitting there, apparently paralyzed. Thankfully, her owner, a gentle old lady, came to take Amy in time. After that, and since Amy was still screeching angrily from afar, I took our reluctant cat back in. Better be safe than sorry. Since then Amy does not like us anymore and Domino keeps wanting to go out. But at least he enjoyed an hour of relative liberty and the outside world.

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