Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Leaves announcing autumn?

I blogged less than a week ago about the first signs of autumn. These were almost imperceptible. I have witnessed since then more obvious signs in the trees of the neighbourhood. This picture was taken shortly after my post of last week. Among the abundance of green, this yellow patch of leaves. I know what some of you will say (my brother PJ  probably): that this might only be caused by dryness. But it has not been so dry, for one (we live in England after all). And this is distinctly yellow, not brownish. Furthermore, we have seen more trees changing colours, my wife can witness it. I keep thinking that this is a sign of an autumn that will be early and, well, very autumnal. Same thing happened last year: we saw some trees changing colours early, and sure enough, we had an early and cool autumn.

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Rustic Pumpkin said...

there are two times of year ~ waiting for Autumn and Autumn