Sunday, 7 August 2016

Time outside

I am not much into summertime, not since I no longer work or study in school. I find it too hot when it is hot and the idea of summer holidays is pretty much meaningless now. Not that they have much summer holidays in this country anyway. But today, I actually enjoyed the hot weather, somewhat. My wife bought this week at Mountain Warehouse (of all places) folding garden chairs (okay so they are camping chairs, but never mind that). They were quite cheap and are actually pretty cool looking. So I did something I love to do when weathers allowed, but had not done in a long while: I read outside. In the front garden. Our front garden. It feels good saying it. It was great spending time outside this way. And at last, I had the proper tool to do it for long: these chairs are really comfy, easy to set up and they even have a cup holder so you can even have a drink. I loved Mountain Warehouse already, for some obscure reason as I am not exactly an outdoor sports kind of guy. Now I loved it and I intend to wear out the camping chairs as much as I can.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

It looks like a stained glass window! And a cupholder too -- the DELUXE model!

Guillaume said...

It is a deluxe model indeed. Looks and feels like it anyway.