Thursday, 4 August 2016

The Chipmunk Menace

This post is not unlike the one I did on Monday about the smiling volcano as it is a strange/bizarre bit of news. I had wanted to blog about it for a while, but other things got my attention. All the same, I did not want to miss blogging about this. So I read in the Mail Online recently (yes because I do read The Daily Mail, but I swear I never buy it on paper or read it on purpose otherwise) that British tourists in France were warned  about... chipmunks. Yes. The cute, fluffy, doe eyed rodents can carry Lyme disease. Of all the things that happened in France recently, chipmunks can be added to the list of threats. I don't know if one should be amused or depressed. In any case, I thought I would warn you all. Beware of chipmunks. They know no fear and they are out to get you!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I thought only ticks carried lyme disease. Oh oh.

PJ said...

Filthy lies from the Daily Mail! Chipmunks are the cutest thing. As long as they are not in cartoon form.