Saturday, 13 August 2016

Tea and Milk again (argh!)

I blogged recently about the cup of tea I received in an antenatal class that had been spoiled with milk. Well, it seems that history repeats itself and in a very short time period and in pretty much the same circumstances. My wife and I went this morning to another antenatal class, this time at the hospital. After the class, we went to one of the hospital's cafés for a quick nibble and a drink. I am not sure if it was a Costa Coffee but they were serving their hot drinks in a Costa cup. I ordered a cup of tea... and this is what I received. For the record, I never, ever asked for milk in it. It was absolutely vile. You can see everything wrong in a cuppa. And to make matters worse it was PG Tips. Honestly, how can anyone drink that? We had too little time for me to ask for a new cup without milk and I needed a caffeine intake, so I drank from this chalice. Some of its content anyway, I could not swallow all that mud so there was half of it left when we got home, by the time warm and thus all the more disgusting. I threw the rest in the sink.


Rustic Pumpkin said...

Complete empathy! I hate milk, especially in tea {or coffee} and to see the teabag sitting there in the milky tea, ugh!

PJ said...

That teabag looks like a dead slug swimming in dirty water.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Milk AND PG Tips? OMG, I would have demanded my money back.