Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The legend of Rose Latulipe

We are the evening of Shrove Tuesday, tomorrow it is the beginning of Lent. This always reminds me of The Legend of Rose Latulipe (or Latulippe) an old Québec tale about a maiden tempted by the Devil on the eve of Lent because of her love of dancing. It was a cautionary tale that made an enduring impression on my people. I always loved it, especially in its most sinister version, when evil triumphs. Rose is often saved in the nick of time and narrowly escapes damnation, which I find frustrating. In the first version I read, Rose Latulipe ages of 50 years after being kisses by Satan. You can find a rendition of it in French here. I also found this short non-animated version on YouTube, by a certain Rae B, which I found quite cool. Not as sinister as I wished, but still fun to watch. Anyway, I hope you enjoy, I have been wanting to find a version of the story in English to share for years.

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