Monday, 16 February 2015

Changes at the train station

This is a (bad) picture of the model train station at the DIY shop, which does not exist anymore. I don't think I have used this particular one yet. It represents, or represented (as sadly it is no more) the train station as it was about a century ago. Now it is merely one single track, one single platform, with some seats and that's it. It is not truly a station anymore. So this model, that is no more, represented a railway station that is also no more. Back when this town was not the end of nowhere, but a place leading somewhere. A time when there were many railways, leading to at least three different towns nearby, when the nearest pub was in fact the station hotel (also beautifully reproduced in the model), a time that of course I never experienced. Now, the station is busy a few hours in the morning and about an hour evening, then the rest of the day and night trains show up every hour or so. It makes for a very quiet bit of town, except for rush hours.

And well, I have learned that things might change at the train station. There will be more services during the day and I think they might be building something new for the station. They certainly are building something next to the station and I have read somewhere that Travelodge is considering building a hotel nearby. I doubt it will ever look like the railway station of old, but it could actually end up being something closer to a proper station. As I love train traveling and love the atmosphere of an... atmospheric railway station, I am welcoming these new developments.

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